Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Thousand Nights...

A bit after the Columbus Took A Chance poem, I was feeling a little more than just mushy feelings, so.....I wanted to write and B said, "Write about what you want." And this is what came to be:

A Thousand Nights

We lay in bed the morning after a night 
of heavy drinking
he tells me he was thinking 'stuff' 
about me last night
"What kind of stuff?" I ask
"Awesome stuff."  he replies.
I don't want to pry
A drunken memory of the night before
plays behind my eyes
of him holding my face
in both hands
and saying
"Do you have any idea how much you mean to me?"
Which I reply with a shake of the
and a kiss
abyss deep
I lock eyes with him
and can't help but wonder if he remembers
such shared moments
in the dark
at 2 a.m 
the night before

As I write this
I can't help but think
'Part of me is made of glass'
and here I am, breaking before him

"Tell me what you want...." He says to me
from across the dinner table
I get lost in his eyes, that dark honey brown
and his crooked smile
"I don't really know" I say

That was then
today I know
I know I want him to hold my hand as we walk
and I want a thousand nights of him 
holding me tight and asking if I know how much
I mean to him.
A week ago I wanted less
but it's my passion, you see
and the experience they can give me
good or bad
I want his place in my heart to be a 
patchwork of sex and crooked smiles
hand holding and
drunken nights
and emo songs playing in the background
on youtube while his eyebrow arches 
and he says, "Want to go into the bedroom?"

A thousand nights that end that way 

wouldn't be enough.

"Tell me what you want...." He whispers in my ear
while I lay naked and breathless beneath him
I can't bring myself to say the words
spinning through my mind, though my body
is aching for his touch
I want his hands tugging at my hair
his nails tearing at my flesh
his lips on my thighs
and his fingers around my throat
as I gasp for air
My orgasm pulsing just below the surface
waiting to shoot through my fingertips
my nails tearing at the sheets
and my eyes locking with his 
as he gives me that crooked smile
and yes
A thousand nights that end that way
wouldn't be enough

*~*~*Slutty Heart*~*~*

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