Saturday, May 20, 2017


I posted yesterday about my amazing poly family, but there is something beyond that, which has been pretty life changing for me as well. I posted something about poly the other day and a bunch of people on my facebook ‘liked’ or ‘loved’ it or whatever. I looked at the people who did so, and they were all poly people I know, (makes sense) but it hadn’t prior to this, occurred to me, that I have a really great poly network and community as well. About a year or so ago I started to attend kink meet ups, then poly meetups, and I’m considering going to a bipgh meeting tomorrow.

My husband and I go back and forth on this. He’s quite introverted though trying desperately to change that fact. He doesn’t like groups or people in general. He also thinks that ‘the way you relationship’ isn’t enough of a thing to have in common with people to form any type of friendship or community with them.

He’s been coming to meetups and such lately. We do have a lot in common with many of the people in the groups, not just the fact that we are all poly, but poly seems to attract a certain type of person for the most part and they kind of seem to be ‘our people’. For the most part.

I live in Pittsburgh. We seem to have a large and fairly diverse poly community, and it has been something of a comfort to me. Yeah, maybe we just all ‘relationship the same way’, but there are challenges and joys that come along with that that literally, no other non-poly person can appreciate the way we can. I’m hoping to get more involved and make some new friends at some upcoming meetups. If you are interested and live in the Pittsburgh area, there’s a website now: check it out and come make some frands! :) Community is important. :)

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